Anti-Vaxxer Tries To Prove Vaccines Cause Autism, Someone Finds A Genius Way To Show Theyre Wrong

It’s been a raging debate for what seems like forever already, yet the anti-vaccination topic seems to have more and more people confused. Despite the lack of substantial research proving that vaccines are as harmful as those groups would like us to believe, anti-vaxxers try their best to come up with arguments to prove everyone otherwise. It is not rare that the discussion about vaccines quickly brings up the topic of autism (despite the myth being repeatedly debunked), and this internet user decided to use the correlation of the number of vaccines given to the U.S. children and the number of autism diagnoses as a proof to their argument. However, people quickly responded to the original post by providing their own ‘arguments’, in a hilarious way of course. Scroll down to read the full post, and the discussion that followed, below and tells us what you think! (Facebook cover image: Greg Nash)

Someone decided to use correlation to ‘prove’ that vaccines cause autism

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The post sparked a discussion online

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