People Cant Believe The Shocking Note This Teacher Gave To A Kid After They Asked For A Permission To Go To The Bathroom

A teacher at Aspire Hanley Middle School in Memphis, Tn, has sparked a debate about classroom discipline by choosing to issue bi-monthly passes for “bathroom, water and nurse.”

The teacher, identified only as ‘Mrs. White’ was happy to describe her own actions as petty, while the pass contained threats and grammatical errors not befitting of a teacher. First shared by Twitter user Jaadee, a friend of a student’s mother, a screenshot of the pass has since generated overwhelmingly negative comments towards Mrs. White’s methods, which have been described as ‘inhumane’ and ‘cruel’. “I thought it was abhorrent,” Jaadee told Bored Panda. “The issue is much deeper than a teacher with crazy rules. This shows someone with control issues who has no power or authority at home, so they bring what little power they have to the one place where they will have no resistance – the classroom.”

Now, we don’t know any real background information to this story, the kids are not babies, they are in 8th grade and therefore should be able to regulate their bladders accordingly. However, it is the tone and attitude of Mrs. White that has convinced people that her way of dealing with the situation was no innocent mistake, she comes across quite badly in the note.

The school has since responded to the controversy, distancing themselves from Mrs. White’s ‘procedures,’ stating that they are under review and the ‘error’ will be corrected. “Their response was as good as it’s going to get,” Jaadee believes. “They’re not going to fire a veteran teacher and they’re not going to release details of her punishment. The superintendent speaking with local news cameras about it was very commendable.”

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What do you think? Was Mrs. White too severe, or should some forms of classroom discipline still be enforced at the teacher’s discretion? Scroll down to read the note below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This Twitter user recently shared a note she got from her child’s school

Kids in Mrs. White’s class were being restricted to two bathroom, nurse and water breaks a month

People weren’t happy

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Someone also started doubting the teacher’s qualifications

The original poster updated everyone on the situation with the school

What do you think about Mrs. White’s note? Let us know in the comments!

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