Scarlett Johansson warns: paparazzi risk another death like Princess Diana’s

Actor alleges she was pursued through LA by paparazzi who put other drivers and pedestrians at risk after her appearance on Jimmy Kimmels chatshow Scarlett Johansson warned of another incident like Princess Diana after alleging she was pursued through Los Angeles by a group of paparazzi. The actor, 34, said she was leaving a studio following an appearance on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! when a group of photographers spotted her. Five cars with blacked-out windows then apparently sped through red lights and put other drivers and pedestrians at risk so their paparazzi passengers could obtain details of where she and her four-year-old daughter were staying. Johansson said such a situation is a waiting game before another person gets …

European press gets popcorn out for another chaotic day of Brexit

The latest twist was likened to a TV saga, and no one knows what the ending will be European press and commentators switched on the TV, pulled out the popcorn and sat back to watch the Germanys offered to step down as prime minister if MPs backed her twice-rejected Brexit deal, and parliament Frankfurter said Frances complained Frances de VolkskrantThe Irish Times said Mays deal was still short of a majority despite her offer to step down, while s in Spain thought that even if the prime minister had finally understood that she was the price that must be paid to save Brexit, there remained a great many obstacles on her way to securing it This is not over yet.